Teak Aftercare

How to Protect and Clean Teak Furniture


The Natural Weathering Process

Teakunique furniture is made from the strongest, sustainably-sourced teak, rich in oils which protect your furniture against the elements, rot, pests, and mildew. By kiln-drying furniture, we boost its natural properties. Design features further enhance your furniture’s strength and look.

As your furniture adapts to its new outdoor surroundings in the first six months, the timber will naturally change to the distinctive silvery-grey patina of aged teak, as the oils evaporate from the surface. You may also see some small hairline cracks as the wood expands and contracts. These cracks, called checking, come and go, and eventually settle. The inherent strength and performance of the furniture remains unaffected by this natural weathering process.


Cleaning your furniture

To keep your furniture in the best condition, we recommend an annual clean:

Rinse: Use a hose on a standard setting to release ingrained dirt. Don’t be tempted by a high pressure setting which can damage the wood.

Clean: On wet furniture, use a mild detergent or waterbased Teak Cleaner (or mild vinegar solution to help remove mould or stains) and, using a soft-bristle brush (avoid abrasive cleaning pads), brush gently along the grain to remove dirt and stains. Rinse thoroughly with water, wipe down with a clean towel and leave to dry.

Sand: Once your furniture is completely dry, if desired,  sand along the grain with fine grit sandpaper to help smooth the surface and remove any stubborn stains.


Use of oils and artificial products

We do not recommend varnish for teak or oiling teak garden furniture.  Let the natural oils found in high quality teakwood protect your furniture. Artificial products deplete the wood of its natural oils and weakens the furniture (they are also not environmentally friendly).


Storing your furniture

Our furniture can be left outside year round. However, it should be positioned in an area with regular direct sunlight to keep mould and mildew at bay. Storing furniture in an outbuilding or garage can help prolong its lifespan.


Reduce risk of warping

Place your garden furniture on an even surface and away from outdoor heaters. 


Joinery and moving parts

All fittings should be checked regularly and shouldn’t be too tight to avoid damaging the wood around it. Keep extending tables fully extended for the first six months, so the extension leaves weather at the same rate as the tabletop. Lubricate the extending aluminium sliders annually – rubbing a candle along them works a treat!

Fold reclining and steamer chairs from the fully reclined seatback position to avoid weakening the joints. 


Need Help?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like any further help or advice on caring for your Teakunique furniture.