Our Story

In 2016, Teakunique became a family business when cousins Rachel and Victoria bought the business from two lifelong friends.

Although we gave the brand a fresh look, we maintain the original Teakunique philosophy, which is to offer elegantly designed, exceptionally made, top-grade, sustainably sourced teak furniture at competitive prices, with an efficient, personal service.

We work in partnership with our experienced and trusted manufacturers to maintain the exceptional quality of our furniture, as well as innovating and developing our range.

Our collection includes a wonderful range of tables, chairs, loungers and accessories, all of which can be mixed and matched to ensure you get the look you want in your garden.


Top-Grade Sustainable Teak

The environment is important to us, and we’re proud that Teakunique garden furniture is well made, long lasting, and created from legally and responsibly sourced teak from sustainably managed plantations in Indonesia. 

The calcium rich soils and limited rainfall in Indonesia provide the perfect growing conditions for teak, meaning the use of heavy fertilisers and chemicals are not required.

Teak is also a naturally more sustainable material compared to other hardwoods. Due to its durability, good teak garden furniture rarely needs to be replaced, while natural oils found in the wood means there is no need for varnishes or chemicals to be applied.

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