All Teakunique's tables and chairs (and benches) are designed to be mixed and matched to suit individual needs and preferences. As with selecting the perfect teak table, the same considerations apply when selecting teak chairs or benches, being: longevity and quality; preferred style; the main use and practicality for the available outdoor space; plus comfort. 

Teakunique’s contemporary and classic garden chairs and benches are comfortable and well-made using high-grade teak. There is a design within our range to suit every individual style and outside space. The options to consider include:



Dining & Carver Chairs

A standard dining chair is armless, whereas a carver chair has armrests. Dining chairs tend to be popular for modern outdoor dining and, for those with less space or bigger families, dining chairs take up less space. Carver chairs provide more support when seated and are ideal if you like a more formal look.

Customers often opt to mix and match, placing carver chairs at the head of the table. Our Riverbank and Bali collections include armless dining chairs and carver chairs with arms, all of which are solid, comfortable garden chairs.


Folding Chairs

If outside space is limited, teak folding chairs are a great option as they can be easily stored. Folding dining chairs also take up less space, so perfect on occasions when additional seating is needed. 

The high-backed Snapdragon remains a firm favourite due to its practicality and value, whilst the Sumatra has a more contemporary feel. The Snapdragon collection includes folding dining and carver chairs whereas the Sumatra is only available as a folding dining chair.

For added luxury, the versatile folding Borneo Recliner can be adjusted to four different positions, and used for dining in the two upright positions or relaxation in the two reclined positions.


Stacking Chairs

Stacking carver chairs offer support from the armrests, look smart around a table, and, like folding chairs, can be easily stored. They are perfect for those looking for compact chairs that can be moved around and used in a variety of ways.

Our Flores Stacking Carver chairs feature vertical slated seat and backrest, with the option to stack up to four carver chairs to save space. Alternatively, for a more contemporary style, choose our Sumatra Stacking Carver chairs with that feature horizontal, lightly curved slated seats and backrest. 



For many people, eating alfresco is one of the joys of their garden – whether that is cosy candlelit suppers, family lunches, or BBQ’s with friends. If you regularly entertain alfresco, then benches are a versatile seating option to squeeze more guests around a table, are more social, and often make the outside dining area feel more spacious.

All of our styles can be mixed and matched, so there is no need to be constrained by buying a ‘set’; choose the combination of table and bench that works best for you.

We often recommend our Komodo Bench for extra table seating – it has a simple design and comes in three sizes, seating up from 2-4. Perfect for growing families or when you need a few more seats at the dining table. 

Alternatively, the Riverbank Bench with its curved slatted seat and distinctive curl-fronted arms is a popular option if you prefer benches with backrests.


Cushions & Seat Pads

For extra comfort, our outdoor seat pads and bench cushions are the perfect option. All our outdoor cushions and seat pads have Sunproof Olefin covers, which are UV resistant, water repellent and environmentally friendly. The cushions come in a variety of distinctive colours that brighten and enhance Teakunique garden furniture.


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