Teakunique offers a wide selection of garden tables in a choice of shapes and sizes seating 2 to 14, suitable for any outside space or occasion be it expansive country gardens, smaller terraces, city balconies, patios, courtyards, or garden rooms.


What to Consider

When selecting a teak table for your garden, it’s important to consider the longevity of the garden furniture, your preferred style, the available outdoor space, how your garden table will be used, and the benefits of each table shape.


Longevity of your Teak Furniture

  • High quality garden tables constructed from a dense, moisture resistant material such as top-grade kiln-dried teak will withstand our changing weather year in, year out.  Excellent construction is equally important – machine made furniture will guarantee the strongest joinery and high quality hardware should be used.

Table Style

  • Table shape, style of base, and table top design is down to personal preference, as is the look you’d like to create in your outdoor space.  

Your Outdoor Space

  • A key factor in selecting a garden table is to work with the available dimensions, and also consider if winter storage is required.  Generally, we recommend at least 100cm of free space around an outdoor table if possible, with 75cm being the absolute minimum.

Number of Seats

  • Another important consideration is main use of the teak table and the numbers you’d like to seat.  Is it primarily for family dining, large alfresco gatherings, or for peaceful breakfasts in a sunny spot.  
  • For comfortable seating around a teak table, we suggest a space of at least 60cm per person based on a teak chair width of 45cm. But there’s always flexibility to squeeze in a few more chairs on those special occasions!


Table Shape

Choosing the table shape is influenced by both personal preference and the outside area. 

Oval and round tables often offer slightly more space around them, but generally accommodate less people than rectangular or square tables of the same dimensions.


Rectangular & Oval

The majority of outdoor dining spaces tend to be rectangular, making rectangular and oval tables the most popular garden table shapes. Both work equally well in traditional or modern garden settings.

Visually, oval tables give the perception of taking up less space. Rounded corners do reduce the seating space a little compared to rectangular tables, however no corners also makes it easier to squeeze in last-minute guests.

Teakunique’s rectangular and oval tables come in a variety of sizes to suit all spaces.  The 60cm wide folding tables work for compact spaces, the narrow 80cm/90cm wide tables offer a perfect outdoor dining solution for smaller spaces, whilst the larger 100cm/120cm wide tables give a more formal feel in larger spaces.

Our classic Lily table collection are available in both Rectangular and Oval, and feature solid frames, beautifully slatted extra-deep table tops, detachable square legs, and a central parasol hole. 

Our attractive Orchid Extending tables, also available in both Rectangular and Oval, are made for flexible outdoor dining, with 2 fold away extension leaves, attractive extra-deep slatted table tops, and central parasol hole. Offering the versatility to seat more guests when the occasion arises.


Round & Square

Both shapes work well in square (or circular) spaces and for more intimate settings, encouraging closeness and conversation. Square tables are considered to be a more contemporary choice and take up slightly more room than round tables. 

The stylish Daisy Pedestal round tables have beautifully slatted extra-deep table tops, central parasol hole, and a pedestal base, making the table ideal for optimal seating with no leg restrictions. 3 table options seating between 4 to 8.

For smaller gardens and terraces, the Lily Square tables is a suitable addition. Seating up to 4, the Lily Square table offers all the features of classic Lily table collection but for more compact spaces.

Alternatively, the Jasmine Round Folding table is also available in 3 sizes, seating between 2 to 6. With a folding capacity, these tables are perfect for smaller numbers in compact spaces, and can be easily folded away for storage


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