Teak and Sustainability

Sustainable Garden Furniture

Teakunique is the antithesis of much mass-produced fast furniture available today.

Teakunique's sustainable garden furniture is made using the highest grade teak available, sourced from sustainably managed plantations in Indonesia. We are experts in producing strong and long-lasting teak furniture, which is kiln-dried to further enhance durability. Well made garden furniture using the finest teakwood rarely needs to be replaced and the naturally occurring oils found in teak mean there is no need for artificial varnishes or chemicals.

The sourcing, production, and export of plantation teak from Indonesia is strictly controlled by a mandatory certification program, and all Teakunique furniture is certified by the SVLK or V-Legal scheme to verify the legal export of timber originating from sustainably managed plantations. In addition, we have partnered with Trees4Trees, a reforestation and local community initiative in Indonesia.  

We're always aiming to do our bit to maximise responsibility and sustainability of our business. Please email us if you have any suggestions.


Teak is one of the most durable of all hardwoods, rich in protective oils, making it the perfect choice for outdoor furniture. The highest grade (and strongest) teak comes from the heartwood (centre) of a mature tree - it is characterised by its knot free, honey-coloured, close-grained appearance.

The natural oils found in teak protects the wood and ensure furniture is resistant to the elements, rot, pests, fungus, and mildew. Artificial chemical-based products are not necessary. 


All Teakunique garden furniture is made in Indonesia by our excellent and trusted team, who are extremely experienced and skilled in producing our furniture collection to the highest standards using the best joinery and techniques.

All furniture is slowly kiln-dried to a low moisture content to reduce the risk of furniture cracking and warping. Although this makes-up about one-third of production costs, it is an important step in the creation of durable teak furniture.

We use recyclable cardboard for protective wrapping. 


We use legally and responsibly sourced teak from sustainably managed plantations.

Teak is grown on plantations for the sole purpose of forestry management for commercial or ecological use.  It is considered a renewable resource as it is farmed to produce a sustainable supply.

Teak plantations were established in response to the high demand for teak, its relatively short growth period, and to prevent the uncontrolled supply of teak from natural forests with heavy deforestation, no replanting programs, and illegal logging.

The calcium rich soils and limited rainfall in Indonesia provide the perfect growing conditions for teak, meaning the use of heavy fertilisers and chemicals are not required.


From 2001 onwards, Indonesia has made great progress in its efforts to improve forest governance and promote trade in legal timber products, and established the SVLK (Sistem Verificasi Legalitas Kayu) national timber legality assurance and sustainability certification system. 

In 2003, the EU set up FLEGT (Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) to implement measures to address international illegal logging and related trade, and assure approved countries comply with EU Timber Regulations to prevent illegally harvested wood being imported into EU countries.

Post Brexit, Indonesia continues to export sustainably sourced and traceable timber to the UK, mimicking the EU’s existing FLEGT agreement.

All Teakunique garden furniture shipped from Indonesia is SVLF and FLEGT certified, verifying the legal export of timber originating from sustainably managed plantations



Trees4Trees is a well-established programme operating in Indonesia under the Sustainable Green Earth Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation.

Tree4Trees works directly and effectively with local communities, close to where Teakunique furniture is produced, to renew the environment through reforestation and education programs.

Their great work is funded by partners within the Trees4Trees programme making donations to cover the cost of planting enough trees to replace those used for the production of our furniture. They aim to plant approximately 2 trees for every 1 tree used. 

When you buy Teakunique furniture, you will receive a Trees4Trees World Identification Number (WIN), which you can use to see the location of the tree that you've helped plant by buying from us!

For more information and to see how Teakunique has contributed so far since becoming a partner in 2022, visit Trees4Trees™